Chibi Usa Tsukino (xxsailorsaturnx) wrote in sailormoondream,
Chibi Usa Tsukino

Chibi Usa

"The past it has been so long how much longer?" Small Lady asked looking up at Pluto but turning her head and looking at Diana " Diana are you ok you haven't said much scene we left home" Small Lady asked.

" will Usagi and Mamoru be happy to see me" Small Lady asked herself. The little Princess was scared that her past parents didn't rememder her. Small Lady looked back up at Pluto and holding her hand tighter.



Adella smiled when Chibi Chibi jumped off her lap and ran out of the room " Chibi Chibi?" Adella asked walking out of the room and into the living room. " I don't know, I came home early so that Chibi Chibi  didn't wake up to an empty appartment" Adella told Irius as she walked over to the couch to sit down.


Seiya and Yaten

Seiya nodded his head in agreement just as to girls walk by talking to each, he turned his head to looked at Taiki and Yaten " I'll look for Usagi, Mamoru, and Makoto" Seiya said in a low voice so no one heard him. " Yaten you look for Minako, Michiru, and Haruka" He said in the same low voice not realizing that they had just walked by. " Taiki you look for Ami, Hotaru" Seiya finished talking in the same low voice. He sat up and waited for Yaten and Taiki to agree.

Yaten listened to Seiya and thought for a minute " I guess that sounds ok. What do you like Taiku?" Yaten asked.

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