Usako! (usakochan) wrote in sailormoondream,

// usagi //

Usagi didn't really notice Katrina amoung the croud of familar faces. It wasn't that she was being rude, she was just way too distracted by the precence of her Mamo-chan to notice her. Still latched onto his arm she blurted out "Sweeeeet~! How did you know I was in teh mood for a picnic!!"

Usagi meekly smiled to herself as she thought about laying in the next to Mamoru and her friends with a full stomach. Nothing in the world could break her spirit, or so she thought..

That was when she felt a persistant pull on her delicate earlob.

"Reeeeeeeeeei-chaaaaan" she whined as she grimaced and rubbed her crimson ear. "You are always so rude! You should really change your attitude you you will be single forever." she jabbed at her.

That was when Rei attached herself onto Mamoru's other arm..

Infuriated, Usagi removed herself off his other arm and moved in front of Rei before they could depart. She held her arm out in front of Rei as if she was going to close line her.

"Rei-chan! Why do you always have to pick on me~?" She whined. "Don't think you are going anywhere with my man...." She said with gusto. "And yes. It is such a shame for everything else that I have him all to myself" she mimiced Rei voice as an extra jab to set Rei off.

Usagi knew Rei never ment any harm, after all she was one of her best friends. And she was always there for her even in times Usagi was the one being adolescent-like. Even still, Usagi could not tollerate the jesting.

"Piiiiiiiiii~~~~!" Usagi stuck her fat tounge out in Rei's face, just like the good ole' days.

// sylvia //

"Score~! I am sprung from that prison." she thought to herself ad she departed from her new friend Usagi's side. I seriously have no time to be screwing off in school. She frowned as she walked towards the apartment she shared with the others which was located just past the shopping district.
A little more than convient spot...

As she walked by the tall glass windows, her ADD kicked in and had to window browse everytime a new store caught her eye. "Ohhhhhh~! I wish Adella, was here~" she gazed starry eyed through the glass front. Behind the glass she say outfits upon outfits which would be just perfect to, first off impress Adella and secondly wear out to the clubs tonight. She quickly pulle dout her wallet to count how much she had on her....

"Lets seeee here...." She fiddled with all the papers stuffed in her wallet until she finally found some currancy. "Okay... hrmmm....." she thought to herself as her eyes looked up at the sky. "If I don't eat the next 3 days.... and don't pay the gas bill for another week..." She said pensivly "I could totally afford that outfit... and those shoes!!" The stars came back in her eyes as she Marched right into the store.

It was clear she would be just a little late from returning home from school.
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