Liz (rainofenigma) wrote in sailormoondream,


Rush hour. Nothing was more frustrating for me. I was in neutral, but I reved the engine a bit impatiently. I had the power to go 200 mph, and yet I was stuck in a dead standstill in the middle of one of Tokyo's downtown streets. Knew I should have taken my bike. A bolt of lightning crossed the sky as the rain continued to pour relentlessly. On the driver's seat next to me sat all the mail I'd missed during my trip to Europe. A vast majority of them were letters from colleges, asking me to apply. I couldn't help but find it funny. I'd helped save the world from destruction, but I still had to deal with such mundane problems as college. I technically hadn't graduated from high school, but the colleges didn't seem to care. Just eager to have a celebrity I suppose. I'd put school off for the past few years with the excuse that I never knew when I'd be needed to save the world again. But that excuse was quickly gettting old. Still, after all I'd seen, could I ever go back to a normal life? I suppose it would come down to whatever Michiru decided to do. I might not go back to school, but at the very least I'd follow her. It made things simpler. A boquet of flowers sat tucked in the tiny space that made up my back seat. I hadn't seen her in weeks. Cities that were big on racing rarely had many classical music fans, and it wasn't unsual for Michiru and I to end up on completely opposite sides of the world. Though I would never ever admit as much to her, I needed those breaks. Just time to be me, free from everything. Still, it had been almost a month, I was ready to see her again. If I ever got out of this traffic....
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