Plain Kate (kitsunesan) wrote in sailormoondream,
Plain Kate

(Sorry for the absence, but my computer got raped to death by viruses and spyware and I had to reformat, and then Windows wouldn't install because Microsoft is an evil empire... ^^; But now it should be all better for good, so yay!)


Katrina fixed Irius with a cold stare. "I was invited, that's what I'm doing here. What's your excuse?"

She turned to Usagai. "No, we're not related, we just live together." Unfortunately, she added under her breath. "We went to the same school together in America."


Mischalla heard the scream in the park and, never having changed form to begin with, flew over to it's source. Seeing the girl turn into a monster, she sighed with annoyance. "So much for a promising lead." Not that she particularly cared about the mission, but life had been getting so boring lately. She briefly considered messing with Zacron, but one or both of the others might be close behind, so she settled instead on catching the girl/monster up in a whirlwind and watched her spin around.
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