March 30th, 2005

Pluto close up


He walked through the park, smiling at the people who looked at him. Some smiled back, others seemed to leer at him, as if they were trying to judge him, most of them were elderly people who didn’t take very well to tourists. Tei had seen more than his fair share of them in Tokyo… sometimes people could be so egotistical that it really didn’t sit well with him. He wanted to tell them something, but decided against it. He knew who he was, he knew that he wasn’t a ‘mere’ tourist, and he didn’t care that people were. Japan was a beautiful place, everyone should have seen it at least once before they died, he was just lucky enough to have been born there.

“What’s that, Tei?” He asked himself as he watched an aged man walk away. The man had attempted to stare at him and be discrete, he failed completely. “Nationalist pride?” A small smile appeared on his face as he thought about the truth… he was proud to be from the country of Japan, he wouldn’t change it. Leaving for as long as he did changed nothing of his cultural identity… the only thing that changed was the fact that he had taken up surfing… but, really, try not to in Australia… not exactly easy.

The young man made his way through the thick foliage that covered the sky above, the rays of sunshine that had once only been able to pierce through the slightest parts of the treetops bombarding him fully. The sound of running water caught his attention. He turned his head and saw a very beautiful water fountain in the close distance. “That’s new…”

The material that it was made of, stone, quite possibly marble, was adorned with coy shaped statues which spit out the water into the pool, which filtered up to the top, where it spilled back, amid many layers.

His blue eyes looked at the nearby plaque. The inscription dictated that the fountain was a wishing fountain. Tei dug into his pocket and pulled out a coin… an Australian coin. He looked at it while it lay between his thumb and index finger, whispering, “I wish that things could be easier for us…” the coin flew up into the air, shining as the light hit it before falling into the clear water with the slightest splash.

He didn’t believe that his wish would come true simply because he threw a coin into a fountain, but who would hold it against him? It wasn’t like he could use the money anyway…
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