March 29th, 2005

Burning Heart/SM

Sailor Pluto

Her maroon-colored eyes glanced down towards the young Princess as she flashed a smile. "I plan on leading you to her, Small Lady." She replied as she began to walk towards the park.

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"Oh cool! I thought it was kinda werid so many transfer students were pooring into the school. ...Not to make you guys sound like ants or anything" Usagi trailed off as a sweatdrop sunk down on her head and she giggled nervously. "Well it's a pleasure to meet you Katrina. So are you and Sylvia realated or something?"

Usagi realized they were only steps away from the park so she sprinted ahead of the group to find the perfect spot for their picnic. She spotted a perfect place to the left which provided much shade and it was near the water. Excited about her find, she turned around and motioned for the group to hurry. She turned back around and leaned on the tree as she gazed at the water, waiting for everyone to catch up to her.

"Looks Like Michiru-san and Haruka-san will have to find us" she thought to herself. She was quite proud of the spot she had picked out for the afternoon's location. She cool breeze seemed to be gliding off the water and through her hair. She smiled contently to herself as she took a deep breath of fresh air, which was very different from the static air she would have been breathing in, had she not desided to skip out on her detention. Her stomach rummbled which interupted her train of thought.. "So where is my lunch" she ended deviously to herself.

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Katrina fixed Irius with a cold stare. "I was invited, that's what I'm doing here. What's your excuse?"

She turned to Usagai. "No, we're not related, we just live together." Unfortunately, she added under her breath. "We went to the same school together in America."


Mischalla heard the scream in the park and, never having changed form to begin with, flew over to it's source. Seeing the girl turn into a monster, she sighed with annoyance. "So much for a promising lead." Not that she particularly cared about the mission, but life had been getting so boring lately. She briefly considered messing with Zacron, but one or both of the others might be close behind, so she settled instead on catching the girl/monster up in a whirlwind and watched her spin around.