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The Life of Tokyo [27 Mar 2005|06:28pm]
There was one thing that he could never forget about Tokyo, no matter how hard he tried: the noise. There was always something going on in Tokyo, always something happening that would garner the attentions of various crowds, both native and tourist. Whether it was an unannounced concert in Shibuya or a festival in another area… Tokyo was lively at every hour. Many times he had thought about staying up all night like some of the older people he knew… camping out for the latest video game to make sure he got it on the first day… but he didn’t have the chance to do that. He was gone before he was at the cage where his parents would even fathom letting their ‘little boy’ stay out all night. Even now, at 22, he had a funny feeling that his parents, especially his mother, would try and tell him that it was dangerous.

But the noise was oddly comforting, as if he was getting in touch with a part of himself that he had been denying ever since he left. Melbourne had its own hustle and bustle, but it couldn’t compare to Tokyo. Tei had a feeling that nothing could. Tokyo was a world all its own, with the bullet trains, the Tokyo Tower, the high amount of smokers, and everything that came between. The only thing Tokyo was really missing to make him happy was adequate waves. One obsession that couldn’t be sated was the need for the surf… maybe he’d go to the beach a few times before they started filming. How long did he have? A little under two weeks…

The faint petals and leaves from the trees and plants fell from their secured place on the branches and stems, blowing with the wind into his face from the park across the street. Seeking some seclusion, and maybe a little of his natural flora, Tei waited for the streetlight to change, trying to keep his tattered hair from staying in his eyes. Sometimes he thought he could use a haircut…
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