March 23rd, 2005

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She looked between Mishalla and Dracon, sighing softly. It would seem neither of them had any interest in checking out the target.

"Fine...I'll take the target."

She studies the image on the screen carefully before turning to Zacron. She kisses him softly on the lips before transforming into her human form. Her wings disappeared and her long hair became a shoulder length angle cut. She was wearing a knee length black skirt and a button up white blouse with black high heels. She glances at everyone briefly before creating a portal in front of her.

"Perhaps you two could make yourselves useful and find more potential targets."

She watches Zacron a moment longer before stepping into the portal, reappearing in a deserted part of the park. She makes her way to a nearby path and begins her hunt for the target.
He watched Zephron leave and couldn't fight the chills that crept up his spine. He hated sending her off alone but he had little choice in the matter. He turns to Dracon and motions to the computer.

"Find another target for us to check out."
Irius and Chibi Chibi
Irius led the two to the entrance of the park but quickly stopped before they could enter. Her red orbs narrowed as she scanned the park and the area around it.

"Rinotia...Do you sense it as well?"

Chibi Chibi looked up at Irius then to the park. The small girl lightly tugged on the woman's jeans, urging her to go into the park.


Irius quickly placed Chibi Chibi behind her yet made no other move.

"Just wait..."
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He looks up at Zacron and smirks slightly.

"Letting your woman fly solo? Are you sure that's wise?"

As though he had said something quite funny he began to laugh out loud as he turned back to the computer. He sorted through the files until he found another potential target.

"A woman at a clothing shop. Age 21. The cashier. Not bad looking either...I think I'll take this target myself."

He studies the image of the woman and grins. Perhaps he could have some fun with her before he killed her. He transforms into his human form and creates another portal, walking into it. He appears in an alleyway by the shop and quickly straightens the tie of his business suit before walking out into the street. He walks into the shop and notices the three people, who had obviously had a 'run in' accident. He rolls his eyes and makes his way to the cashier, not even bothering to see if the two girls were okay. Though he couldn't help but give the woman with long red hair a second glance. She was quite beautiful but he had a mission to take care of.
She was about to dig through her bag for a book when she noticed the sudden change in Irius. She stopped and followed her sisters gaze into the park, her eyes narrowing as well.

"Yes...One of our sisters is nearby but why? Do they know we're coming here?"

That thought alone made her nervous. Their own family wouldn't be able to recognize them in their human forms yet there was no mistake that the presence she felt belonged to Zephron. Had they really been that careless on their way here?

"Should we use our communicators to contact the others?"
Seeing that the others were handling their mission okay she began to explore the rooms of Galaxy TV, making sure it was still deserted. She ran across a few people who were cuious about the place where the 'Sailor War' had taken place. She smiled to herself and quickly removed their Star Seeds. None of them would ever match the shine of Sailor Moon's but for now they would have to do.
Keeping his arm around Usagi he lead the group to the entrance of the park. He hesitated as he saw the two girls staring intently into the park and was even more surprised when he thought he saw the familiar face of Chibi Chibi standing behind one of them. He slowly shakes his head and looks at the girls again. It appeared he had been mistaken at seeing Chibi Chibi for she was no longer there so he turned his attention back to the girls.

"Is everything alright?"
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With the sun warming her shoulders, and school to her back, Makoto found herself feeling a little better. Her gaze went from being downcast to looking thoughtfully to either side of her as the group passed the various gardens and homes, the white concrete glowing warmly in the light of the afternoon, a slight breeze pushing small pink petals through the air, the sound of traffic distant and the smell of food from nearby shops making her happy to be coming along for the picnic, Katrina or not.

The girl's being here, now that Makoto thought about it, seemed almost fitting. The thought would've made her laugh, had she been in a better mood (though her current one was improving with each step - she might be laughing hysterically by the time they reached the park). Minako had invited Katrina along in an incredibly kind gesture, having likely seen a bit of herself in the new girl. And, although she was oblivious to Katrina's attempts at flirting with Mamoru, Usagi seemed to be getting through to her with the same friendliness that had gotten to Makoto years earlier.

"Ne, Mako-chan, is something wrong?" Minako asked. "You don't seem quite like yourself today. Do you wanna talk about it?"

"Oh, no, I just had a bad day, is all. I'm sorry," she said, offering a smile.

She was about to say more when she heard somebody call to Ami. Looking around confusedly, she saw a boy waving at them from afar, though she could not make out who it was. She squinted, but it did not help.

"Ami, who is that?"
"I will meet you in the park," she replied, turning from the group with a wave and hurrying toward him. Makoto cast a glance over her shoulder at Ami, shrugging as the girl walked way. And, still watching with curiosity, she bumped hard into the back of Mamoru, who had stopped at the entrance to the park. Her knees buckled in surprise, feet snapping against the heels of his shoes, and she backed away apologetically, laughing in embarrassment.

"Woah, I'm sorry, Mamoru! I wasn't watching where I was going."

(EDIT: Fixed spelling, and some lousy word repetition in paragraph 2.)

The bug or zombification or whatever I had finally passed, so I'm back, and pretty well caught up with what's going on. Though, I have had one question I keep meaning to ask. I did not see much of Sailor Moon after R concluded (mostly because S really annoys me, dubbed or otherwise), so I gotta ask - did the girls keep their memories after the events of S/SuperS/Sailor Stars? Cuz I know they didn't remember squat at the start of R - they had to be reminded, but I dunno if that's a recurring theme with each season or not. So, at this point in our little RP, do they still have their memories about being the sailor senshi? That's a really, really convoluted question, sorry.