March 18th, 2005

Chibi Usa

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i just want to say that i'll be working until late tonight but i will post when i get home you can more my characters around...


Chibi Usa

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Chibi Usa
Pluto close up

Round One, FIGHT!

Motoki once thought that he would eventually stop working at the Crown, and he was certain that eventually he would, but he was sticking around a lot longer than he thought he would have. He liked working at the arcade, he had been doing it for years and had long since been promoted to the manager. Some people made fun of him for still doing something that was considered to be ‘juvenile,’ but Motoki didn’t let it bother him. There wasn’t much that he really needed to do. He could sit behind the counter and study or do his homework. College was difficult, very difficult. Motoki didn’t understand how Mamoru could handle the workload that he had. Sometimes Motoki swore the man had a few screws loose.

He wasn’t expecting much out of the day, perhaps a visit from the girls… if not as a group then almost assuredly when they came to get Usagi and or Minako from the distractions that kept them from studying. His expectations for a Tsukino member were fulfilled, but not necessarily the Tsukino member he had in mind.


Tei was as surprised to see Motoki as Motoki was to see him. Still, the young man gave a welcome smile, “Motoki!” He was unable to give the degree of glee that Usagi had long since trademarked, but there was a noticeable change in the tone of his voice, from stoicism to happiness.

“When’d you get back?”

“A few hours ago,” the blankness in his voice had returned, not out of disrespect, but because it was hard to be excited about something that seemed so banal. “I was going to stay at the house for a little while, but it became apparent that spending that much time around my mother was unlikely to be healthy for me…”

“You go away to another country for eight years and you expect your mother to not smother you? I thought you were smarter than that… didn’t you need really good grades to even get accepted into the program?”

“You’re mocking me…”

“Just making up for lost time. It’s good to see you.”

“We had some good times, fond memories of this place…”

“Part of the reason I wanted to work here,” Motoki agreed. “Don’t worry, your sister preserved your memory and legacy at the Crown. In fact, she spends more time here than she should…”

“Haven’t seen her yet, maybe we’ll run into each other here… if not, I was just looking for some time to waste.”

“I know a way we can waste time and get nostalgic…”

“You can’t beat me at Street Fighter, Motoki… you never could…”

“I stayed in Japan, you went to Australia… you want to see just how good I’ve gotten?”

The slightest grin appeared at the edge of his mouth, “You’re on…”

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He narrowed his eyes as he watched Mishalla brush past Zephron to go into the portal. He did not like the fact of them being left alone with her, away from the watchful eye of their Queen. He would have to make sure to stay by Zephron at all times. If he didn't he feared both Dracon and Mishalla would rise up against her. He grabs Zephron's hand and brings it to his lips, kissing her palm in hopes to comfort her without words. He follows her into the portal and slowly looks around the room, giving zephron a questioning look.

"Galaxy TV? Are you sure this would be a good cover for us?"
She blushes slightly as Zacron kissed her palm and smiled at him in thanks. She lightly taps her chin with her finger as she thinks about what he asked.

"Well...we really don't have much choice in the matter. Beggers can't be choosers and I'm sure Galaxia will join us shortly if I heard my mother correctly...However, our main priority should be to find the one most likely to be the Light of Hope. Dracon...see what you can find on one of these computers."
Chibi Chibi and Irius

She looks up at Irius and motions to the window with her hand. Irius looks at the window curiously before walking over to it. Her gaze follows the direction which Chibi Chibi was pointing and she smiled as she spotted the park in the distance.

"Are you wanting to go to the park?"

Chibi Chibi giggled and nodded, her eyes lighting up as Irius seemed to understand what she wanted. Irius turns to Adella and Rinotia, sighing softly.

"Adella, would you mind waiting here for Sylvia and Katrina then meet us at the park when they arrive?"
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She followed the others through the portal and sighed softly as she listened to them.

"Tell me. How do you intend to find the Light of Hope?"
He rolled his eyes and made his way over to the computer. He despised taking orders from anyone yet the quicker he got this done the sooner he could work on his plan to take over as leader.

"As you wish, ol' fearless leader..."

He mumbled quietly as he sat down and turned the computer on. He hacked into a database that held every file of every person in Tokyo. He didn't bother to look up from the computer as he heard Galaxia.

"Simple. Only the Light of Hope would be strong enough to fight the darkness we can send into a persons body. Much like you did when Selena unleashed Chaos within you once more. If we find someone who might be the Light of Hope then all we need to do is attack them and fill their body with dark energy. If they turn into a monster then we'll know we have to keep looking. And on that note, I think I just found our first target."

An image of a girl who was about sixteen with short brown hair appeared on the screen.

"A high school student. Current location. Juuban District in the park. So who wants to take this target?"
She took her book back from Adella while she was distracted and turned back to Irius as she spoke.

"The park? Should be a peaceful enough place to study."

She places the book back in her bag and sets the strap of it over her shoulder.

"Adella, we'll contact you on the communicator if we find Sylvia and Katrina along the way."

She follows Irius out of the apartment as they make their way towards the park.
He quirked a brow slightly as he watched Katrina. She seemed nice enough but there was something about her that unnerved him. Deciding not to think about it he placed his arm around Usagi and smiled down at her, seeming to forget that they weren't alone.

"Shall we go?"
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