March 17th, 2005

Bad Day


_mamoru_chan_ It is very sad to see you go. :( If ever you decide to come back you are more then welcome to reclaim your characters.

For the time being I shall Temp Mamoru and Dracon. saihi_fenryl has graciously agreed to Temp Zacron for me. ^^ Not sure if I'll make a good Mamoru since I'm more into the villains then the romantic heroes but I shall do my best. However, if anyone else would like to Temp the characters then let me know.
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// usagi //

"Ahhh, nice to meet you Katrina~" Usagi was happy to see Katrina was coming out of her shell, somewhat. Totally oblivious to the fact that Katrina had already been invited along Usagi tried to make the girl feel more than welcome.

"I know it's pretty werid accepting food from strangers, but you are totally welcome to the goodies Mamo-chan made us for this trip!" She said reassuringly as she looked toward the bag of food Mamoru was carring in his other hand. She really wanted to take a peak but it seemed like such a hassel to fuse with the delicatly wrapped lunches. Besides they were only yards from the park..

"So where is the spot Mamo-chan??" She said as the stars glistened in her eyes. It was only a matter of minutes before Usagi could indulge in her after school lunch.

"Sooooo~ Katrina, I haven't seen you around before. Are you also new to this school?" She questioned. "I actually met another girl not from around here. Mmmm, I think her name was Sylvia." Usagi said uncertain of herself.
Pluto close up

Old Faithful

Tei found himself wandering the streets of Tokyo, as he had intended. There were a few faces who he didn’t recognize at all, which was not to be unexpected, Tokyo was one of the most populated cities in the world, there were bound to be a few people who he didn’t know, if not more than a few. However, there were also a few cases that he did recognize, or at least thought he did. The people who made up that list did little to elicit a response from him. Maybe he was nothing more than a stranger to them, and he might well have been, eight years was a long time, long enough for people to change almost completely. Perhaps he wasn’t a stranger, someone who they remembered, but couldn’t quite put their finger on. He wasn’t the most popular person in the world, even when he wasn’t the foreigner. At school in Tokyo he didn’t have very many close friends. He had people who he would talk to, people who he enjoyed being around, but the close bonds of friendship were almost all forged while he was away.

After wading his way through the crowds, he stopped when he saw a familiar sight. A building that resonated with him on so many levels. He tilted his head up and a small smile came from his face as the sunlight brought down the faint shine of his sun-bleached hair. “The Crown is still here?” He had spent many hours at the Crown, wasting away the money that his father had given him. Maybe that was where Usagi had developed the less than welcome habit of throwing away her money. But it was all in good fun, and at the time he wasn’t even a teenager. He didn’t know what it meant to conserve his money. It was not a mistake he would make now.

Still, nostalgia won out in the end as he walked through the automated doors into the Crown arcade. As always there was the sound of various games going on at the same time. From fighters to shooters to the dance games, the crown had it all. It was a good place for the youth of the area to hang out at, and Tei was glad to see that it had remained intact since he left.

He walked passed all the video games towards the back of the building. It wouldn’t kill him to spend a little time at the Crown, would it?