March 14th, 2005

Burning Heart/SM

~Sailor Pluto~

"I was hoping to leave you with Usagi... I have to take care of other business, Small Lady, but I promise to be around." She replied with a flash of a smile while adjusting her bun.~ 'Such as finding a proper guard for the gates while I'm away...' ~Setsuna added mentally with a sigh.~
Chibi Usa

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Chibi Usa

Small Lady moved Diana and put Diana on her shoulder " Here we go, Setsuna will I play staying with you or Usagi?" Small Lady asked. some part of her knew that the Usagi in this time didn't really like Chibi usa to be around. " Diana is this the right thing to do?" she asked scared.



" we should find a person that Chibi Chibi would be safe with and hand over the girl to them before someone finds us" Adella suggested " will you put the book down" Adella said pulling the book out of Rinotia's Hands.


Seiya and Yaten

Seiya stood up and walked away from Yaten " I'll go look at the Shopping Center" Seiya said smiling He wanted to see Usagi again and thought she'd be shopping on such a beautiful day.

Yaten watched Taiki walk away in one direction and Seiya in the other, " Hmmm, I guess i stay around here" he said to himself as he started to walk towards one of the gates to the park. " I swear I saw Michiru and Haruka walk by us" he said looking around for them.

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(OOC: I am so sorry for not being around- I'm out of state for the week visiting my dad and my internet access is going to be a bit spotty. Feel free to manipulate my characters if need be if I'm not here.)
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