March 12th, 2005

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Small Lady looked down at Diana and smiled " I'm ok Diana I'm just neverous thats all" Smallsaid to Diana before she looked back up at Sailor Pluto and smiled " So lets walk faster I can't wait to see everyone again" Small Lady said looking down at her dress " but I'll need to change first" Small Lady said with a tiny giggle.

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"Rei relax the park is this way" Mamoru said as he held on to Usagi hand " Usagi I pack all your favorites for the pinic" Mamoru said kissing Usagi on the hand. Mamoru looked up and smiled " did I mention to that Michiru and Haruka are going to join us" Mamoru added


Zarcon smiled " whats in Toyko?" he ask wondering why, he looked at Dracon and Zephron " so when are we leaving?" he asked looking at Zephron " don't worry you will make her proud I'll help you" he added kissing her hand in respect.


Dracon smiled " this is my chance to prove to the Queen that I'd be a better leader than those two girls" Dracon thought to himself  " I agree when do we leave?" he asked

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Lavender eyes stared at him before nodding. "Yes Seiya. I shall find Ami first, she will be easier to handle and find..." A tiny smirk formed on his lips before he spun around and walked off.

Soon he changed into a neat button up shirt and matching pants. With his brown hair pulled back, he strolled through the park, humming happily. His hands shoved into his pockets as he glanced around for the blue haired women he longed to see again.
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Usa Usa Usaaaaaagi!

// usagi //

"All of my favorite goodies, Mamo-chan?" Usagi delived with much delite. After a long day at school, to hear those refreshing words, how could she not instantly perk up. She smiled as she looked up into her boyfriend's eyes, nessled up against his sleeve. As they walked, she thought about how sweet and considerate it was that he thought so much about the picnic that he even went the extra mile to pack her a personal goodie basket. She felt the warm gold sun on her skin, as a soft breeze passed through her hair. What a beautiful, peaceful day it was. Her smile was stretched from ear to ear.

Mamoru kissed her hand.

My, I am quite lucky She thought to herself.

"Oh? Michiru-san and Haruka-san will be there too. I haven't seen them in a while, this will be sooooo great, Mamo-chan~!" she carried a tune as she delivered the last part of the sentence as she often did when she said her boyfriend's name. "Lets hurry, hurry, we don't want the food to spoil. Plus we don't wanna keep our friends waiting." she teased.

She rested her head on his sleeve as the walked closer to their destination. She closed her eyes and heard the other girls talking. For once Usagi did not have much to say. She was completly contented with her surroundings. Being with her friends, her boyfriend and food always brought her much happiness.

She open her eyes again and notice Katrina walking offly close to the couple. She blink twice as she scanned girl. She didn't recognize her, but she was deffinatly apart of their group. Usagi smiled shyly as she scracthed her head.

"Maaa~~~ I am sorry, I didn't see you there." she said nervously. She didn't want the crisom haired girl to think she was rude or a complete twit by just ignoring her. She wondered to herself when the girl could have joined them. Oh well, it wasn't that important, she thought. Usagi spoke up again in an overly friendly tone.

"My name is Tsukino Usagi, pleased to meet you" Usagi extened her hand and waited for Katrina to return a hand shake.