March 11th, 2005

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// usagi //

Usagi didn't really notice Katrina amoung the croud of familar faces. It wasn't that she was being rude, she was just way too distracted by the precence of her Mamo-chan to notice her. Still latched onto his arm she blurted out "Sweeeeet~! How did you know I was in teh mood for a picnic!!"

Usagi meekly smiled to herself as she thought about laying in the next to Mamoru and her friends with a full stomach. Nothing in the world could break her spirit, or so she thought..

That was when she felt a persistant pull on her delicate earlob.

"Reeeeeeeeeei-chaaaaan" she whined as she grimaced and rubbed her crimson ear. "You are always so rude! You should really change your attitude you you will be single forever." she jabbed at her.

That was when Rei attached herself onto Mamoru's other arm..

Infuriated, Usagi removed herself off his other arm and moved in front of Rei before they could depart. She held her arm out in front of Rei as if she was going to close line her.

"Rei-chan! Why do you always have to pick on me~?" She whined. "Don't think you are going anywhere with my man...." She said with gusto. "And yes. It is such a shame for everything else that I have him all to myself" she mimiced Rei voice as an extra jab to set Rei off.

Usagi knew Rei never ment any harm, after all she was one of her best friends. And she was always there for her even in times Usagi was the one being adolescent-like. Even still, Usagi could not tollerate the jesting.

"Piiiiiiiiii~~~~!" Usagi stuck her fat tounge out in Rei's face, just like the good ole' days.

// sylvia //

"Score~! I am sprung from that prison." she thought to herself ad she departed from her new friend Usagi's side. I seriously have no time to be screwing off in school. She frowned as she walked towards the apartment she shared with the others which was located just past the shopping district.
A little more than convient spot...

As she walked by the tall glass windows, her ADD kicked in and had to window browse everytime a new store caught her eye. "Ohhhhhh~! I wish Adella, was here~" she gazed starry eyed through the glass front. Behind the glass she say outfits upon outfits which would be just perfect to, first off impress Adella and secondly wear out to the clubs tonight. She quickly pulle dout her wallet to count how much she had on her....

"Lets seeee here...." She fiddled with all the papers stuffed in her wallet until she finally found some currancy. "Okay... hrmmm....." she thought to herself as her eyes looked up at the sky. "If I don't eat the next 3 days.... and don't pay the gas bill for another week..." She said pensivly "I could totally afford that outfit... and those shoes!!" The stars came back in her eyes as she Marched right into the store.

It was clear she would be just a little late from returning home from school.


The Entry:
Cooking? For the surprise picnic? Surely Minako's kidding.

Kino Makoto knew today was going to be a bad day. She had known it when she awoke late in the morning, having not slept well the night before. She had known it when she had to bring packaged noodles with her to lunch instead of her own creation. She had known it when the clock did not seem to tick while class droned on, and she had known it when she brushed shoulders with the new girl. Katrina. It seemed like new students were pouring in from America at an unstoppable rate. Didn't they have any schools of their own over there?

Now, here she was, standing apart from the others in her own personal funk, made even more so by the uncomfortably childish actions of Rei, who only seemed to be pushing Katrina into further displays of frustrating flirtation. Makoto loved Mamoru plenty, he was a great guy and treated Usagi well, but sometimes she just wanted to punch him for his effect on certain people. And if it was ever going to happen, this would certainly be the day. And if Katrina said anything to--

It was Ami's voice that snapped her out of her thoughts.
"Has anyone seen Makoto?"
"Here--!" she offered, turning to face Ami and wave. "I've been here the whole time. Sorry, I'm in my own little world."

Own little world.
She felt stupid. Ashamed. She felt like it was the first day of school again, and she was the brooding hardass that sat alone at lunch in the foreign uniform. She had thought those days to be over, and not wanting them to resume, she put on her best smile and joined the others.

The OOC:
Sorry for the late entry. Never done an LJ RP before, so I kinda had to read and re-read to get a feel for everything. I'm also terribly out of touch with Sailor Moon, but that's nothing some time spent with my new R box set can't fix. It seems like we have a good group, here. Let's have some fun.
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Chibi Usa

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Chibi Usa

"The past it has been so long how much longer?" Small Lady asked looking up at Pluto but turning her head and looking at Diana " Diana are you ok you haven't said much scene we left home" Small Lady asked.

" will Usagi and Mamoru be happy to see me" Small Lady asked herself. The little Princess was scared that her past parents didn't rememder her. Small Lady looked back up at Pluto and holding her hand tighter.



Adella smiled when Chibi Chibi jumped off her lap and ran out of the room " Chibi Chibi?" Adella asked walking out of the room and into the living room. " I don't know, I came home early so that Chibi Chibi  didn't wake up to an empty appartment" Adella told Irius as she walked over to the couch to sit down.


Seiya and Yaten

Seiya nodded his head in agreement just as to girls walk by talking to each, he turned his head to looked at Taiki and Yaten " I'll look for Usagi, Mamoru, and Makoto" Seiya said in a low voice so no one heard him. " Yaten you look for Minako, Michiru, and Haruka" He said in the same low voice not realizing that they had just walked by. " Taiki you look for Ami, Hotaru" Seiya finished talking in the same low voice. He sat up and waited for Yaten and Taiki to agree.

Yaten listened to Seiya and thought for a minute " I guess that sounds ok. What do you like Taiku?" Yaten asked.


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She smiled as she watched Irius with Chibi Chibi. It was rare for her to see Irius show affection to anyone other then herself. She watches Chibi Chibi, still amazed at the fact that she had taken on that form during their trip through space. Taking a seat next to Adella on the couch she pulls out a book from her bag and begins reading.

"Knowing Sylvia she might have found a club or clothing store on her way home. Katrina..."

She stopped herself from saying anything further. She knew how Irius felt about Katrina and it was quite obvious what could have happened to keep her from coming to the apartment. Not once did she look up from the book, even as she started to speak again.

"What's our next move? We brought Chibi Chibi here safely but it's only a matter of time before Selena and Galaxia find us."
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Hotaru :x: Diana


Perched on a windowsill with a textbook in her lap, one that Haruka and Michiru had given her to study, "The Most Important Events of The Past 100 Years," she peered through the glass at the way the sun shone through the trees. It was beautiful. So this was the peace they had fought for? She felt a wave of contentment wash over her. The forboding dreams that had been haunting her for the past few nights must be simple nightmares, she decided with a nod. After all, how could a world that looked this peaceful be in such peril? Still, the vision of the moon clouded in darkness and the terror in the eyes of the princess were hard to ignore, even if they had just been in a dream. She would keep these nightmares to herself, she thought, it would be better not to worry the others with what was probably nothing. Or was it? Waiting patiently for her guardians to return home, she gazed out the window at a butterfly perched on a tree branch, concern welled up in her misty violet eyes.


Jingle, jingle. The tiny grey kitten shifted slightly to look at her mistress. "Yes, I am quite fine!"
After a moment, she glanced at Chibi-usa, having expected a reply of some sort, or at least an acknowledgement...
"Small Lady?" Diana blinked her twin fuschia eyes in unison, echoing the hesitation she could read in Chibi-usa's solumn experession. "Are you alright, Small Lady?"
Pluto close up

Grown Up

“Are you still hungry, sweetheart?”

His head shaking rapidly as he looked down at the plate that was set before him, Tei gave the answer that his mother should have been able to understand. “No… no, it’s fine. I’m full.”

“Really, it isn’t that hard to…”

“Mom!” He protested. “I realize that you’re used to feeding the vortex of never ending hunger that is Usagi… but the rest of us have normal stomachs, ones that get full after eating. I’m fine… really…”

“You don’t look like you were eating very well while you were in Australia. I knew I should have taught you how to cook before you left, but I was too busy making sure you had enough…”

“We’re not getting into the underwear speech again, are we?” Tei remembered the argument quite well. He was the only one with a months supply… not that one would really discuss such things.

“I was going to say support…”

His eyes looked elsewhere, sad that he had second guessed his mother, and guessed incorrectly, “Oh…”

“I just wanted you to be happy… I didn’t think that it would mean that you would go to the other end of the world.”

“I would have been happy here…”

“But you didn’t stay.”

“Because the chance came up… you were the one who told me that I should have applied for the program. You had faith in me, mom… you helped me get up the nerve to do what I needed to do…” Tei stood from the table and walked the dishes over to the sink, turning the water on.

“I can do that…”

“It’s fine.”

“No,” Ikuko’s hand reached out and turned off the water. “I haven’t been a mother to you for years, Tei… why can’t you give me the chance?”

“I’m not a little boy anymore.” He looked at her, not wanting to regress to the young man that he had been when he left, but he saw something in his mother’s face: pain. He might not have been a little boy any longer, but that did not mean that he didn’t love the woman.

Picking up the still dirty dish, he handed it over to her. “Here… I guess it wouldn’t kill me to let you indulge for a day…”

“Do I get to do your laundry?”

“As long as you don’t complain about the underwear count…”
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~Sailor Pluto~

Pluto came to a stop in front of the gates of time. Rather quickly, her eyes narrowed as she bit her bottom lip while thoughts floated about in her head. Who was going to watch the gates if she went with Chibi-Usa? Surly she couldn’t allow the Princess to wander around in the past unattended. That just didn’t seem responsible at all. She had to make sure that she would be safe and under the watch of Usagi and the others.


She gazed down towards the girl and flashed a quick smile. “Just through the gates and we will reach or destination.” The time guardian informed.


Yes, her mind was made up. She would go back with Chibi-Usa and return to the gates for when she wasn’t needed until they could find a suitable part-time replacement.