March 10th, 2005

Chibi Usa

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Adella smiled down at Chibi Chibi and started to rock the chair back and forth she looked at Chibi Chibi and decided to see if everyone was home yet. she had got home early to so that someone was here for Chibi Chibi.

" I wonder where everyone is?" she asked her self, she just acting like herself she was being sweet to Chibi Chibi, something she only did when she was around Sylvia. still staring at Chibi Chibi, it was like Adella was in a trance.

I should so be studying for my Japanese midterm right now.... -_-;


Katrina's eyes narrowed just a little when she saw the girl with the ridiculous pigtails latch on to the handsome guy that Minako introduced her to. "'Mamo-chan' indeed," she thought to herself. This girl was obviously way too young for him. She would have to show him what a real woman was like. She raised her hands over her head and leaned back in a stretch, causing her shirt to lift and show off a few inches of smooth, pale stomach. She made a mental note to shorten the awful uniform skirt by at least six inches when she got home.
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Mamoru smiled to Usagi as she grabbed on to his arm " hey why are you so late at going out of school you are usually the first one out" he said with a little Laugh.

"Well if you ladies are ready we are late in meeting Michiru and Haruka at the park and I packed enough food for everyone including extra" he said flashing a smile at the red headed new girl.

Mamoru noticed Katrina stretching in the corner of his eyes, but when he saw skin he jumped his eyes and looked at something else.



Zacron turned his stared to Mishalla, he knew that she was planing something and was going to be ready to protect Zephron from her sister, Mishalla. he turned and look back at Zephron talking to the Queen.
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He thought he could smell the aroma of his mother's cooking from miles away. When he moved it was hard, especially at first. He missed waking up to the smell of her cooking, the scent that would prepare him for the day and make him believe that everything would be all right. Eventually he just got used to it, knowing that he made the choice to leave and that he had to deal with the consequences. By the end of the first year he didn't really think about her cooking that often, yet now that he was back in Japan, so close to home, it was one of the first things that he thought about.

He didn't care who knew it, he would tell anyone who paid any sort of attention: he missed home. He didn't know how much he missed home until he was actually back home. Melbourne was something else... but it wasn't Tokyo.

"This the place?" The cabby asked, pulling up to the Tsukino residence.

"Yeah, this is it," Tei replied, lowly adding under his breath, "unless they moved... I hope they didn't." Perhaps it would have been better if he had checked the phone book, that was why it was there. "You mind sticking around for a few minutes... just in case nobody is around?"

"If I see you walk into the house, I'm gone... deal?"

"Deal. Thanks." The young man paid the driver for the ride from the airport to the house before he pushed open the door of the taxicab, foot hitting the pavement... the same place where he had learned how to ride a bike. His blue eyes looked around the area as if they had a mind of their own. Nearly every sight brought back something from the past.

His father would no doubt be working. Kenji Tsukino prided himself on his ability to provide for his family in the ways that he did. That had likely never changed. Hopefully Kenji didn't run with the idea that the first born son would be exactly like his father... Tei wasn't very fond of business suits and cubicles... unless it was part of the role.

Feeling the insides of his stomach churn with the fear that came with confronting the unknown, Tei placed his bags on the ground before bringing up a very shaky hand and knocking on the door. Walking in was once the norm, but it was better to play it safe. "Please be home, please be home..."

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Katrina didn't really bother hiding the dirty look she shot at the girl with the long black hair. After all, she'd never been particularly skilled at hiding her emotions. Honestly, she thought to herself, can't a girl even have a nice stretch without someone ruffling their feathers at her? Goodness, being this gorgeous can be such a task....

(OOC: Reading her profile, she seemed kind of narcissistic and self-absorbed. If it's too much though I can tone it down.)


Minako jumped a little at the shrill note in Rei's voice. She was completely oblivious to Katrina's flirting and had no idea what could have bothered the dark haired girl. Shrugging it off as Rei's usual hot temper, she flashed the crowd a smile.

"Well, let's get going then, shall we? Mako-chan, I hope you did the cooking for this picnic. I've been dying for some of that curry rice you make."


Mischalla turned her glance to see Zacron staring at her. She raised her eyebrows in a mock-pout and made little kissy faces at him, before steeling her gaze once more and dragging her finger slowly across her throat in that motion that pretty much universally means "you're dead." Her hands twitched as she imagined wringing the bastard's neck along with her sister's, but she forced herself to remain calm. As much as she doubted the woman would really care at the moment, this was still not really something she should do in front of Mother. Better to wait.

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It took all of her strength to hide the sadness she felt as she looked at her mother. She seemed to act as if she was about to object but she slowly lowered her gaze to the floor, feeling defeated.

"As you wish..."

She bows once more before turning away, spotting Mishalla as she does. A small frown tugs at her lips and she carefully wraps her wings around her body, resembling something like a cloak.

"We have our orders. We shall go to Tokyo and find the traitors along with the Light of Hope."

She walks up to Zacron and takes his hand in hers, smiling at him. She only hoped he couldn't tell how scared she was. She was hesitant to go to Tokyo with Mishalla and Dracon, knowing that they both wanted her spot as leader.

Will doing this finally make you proud of me, Mother? Zephron thought to herself. She holds out her hand and black smoke swirls in front of her, a portal being formed that resembled a black vortex. She nods at the others before walking into it.
She follows closely behind Rinotia, unable to shake the feeling of being watched. She was relieved when they finally made it to the apartment building. Taking the lead, she walks into the building and climbs the stairs that would take them to their apartment. She walks into the room and tosses her bag onto a nearby table as she looks around.

"Adella? Sylvia?"
Chibi Chibi
She tilts her head slightly as she looks up at Adella, her eyes filled with curiousity.


She smiles as she hears Irius and runs out into the living room, jumping up into Irius' arms. She was quite glad to see they had made it home safely.


Irius couldn't help but smile as she held the young girl in her arms. She looks around once more before turning her attention to Adella.

"Where are the others?"
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Lavender eyes slid over to stare at the two other males that stood before him. Held tightly in his long fingers was a book of poetry he had brought down to Earth from their home up in the stars. "I suggest, we go our seperate ways to find different Senshi. Pair up, figure out what is going on..."

His mind drifted to which senshi he should go find, should his plan fly. Brown whisps of hair fell into his face before he sighed softly. "Yaten? Seiya?"
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The Death Grip Of Ikuko Mama

Ikuko Tsukino was a woman of many talents. She could cook just about anything and make enough of it to satisfy the appetite of her entire family, which was in itself a very commendable trait since Usagi had an appetite that could, at times, seem impossible to sate.

Rare was it when Ikuko took a break from her daily regime of chores, from doing the laundry to dusting or preparing for dinner, but it went against everything that she believed in to be rude, to do so would be an insult to the entire Japanese culture! As such, Ikuko walked out of Shingo’s room and placed the cloth she was using to clean the windows on the nearby table. It was so rare that she got visitors, hopefully it wasn’t some sort of salesperson. Even Ikuko found her patience taxed by such people.

Tei had knocked a few times, the cabby looking from out his window. The young man had taken a few glances over his shoulder, the small beads of sweat that were forming ever more apparent. Maybe he should have told the man to go… it was Tokyo, how hard was it to find a taxi in Tokyo?

Finally succumbing to the fact that his family had either moved or was not at the house at that moment, Tei bent down to grab his things, his head lowered, he didn’t hear the door open.

Ikuko opened the door and found it odd that she did not see anyone in front of her. She lowered her gaze slightly to see the top of someone’s head, “Can I help…” her heart stopped as his own face looked up at her.

“Hi… mom…” it wasn’t the greatest return speech that he could have given, but he didn’t really think about it.

With her hand over her mouth in shock, Ikuko stood there in silence for a moment, feeling the tears well up in her eyes. Finally, she cried out his name as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “Tei!” Her first born had returned to her, the years that he had been away from her and the rest of the family melted away. “You’re back! How are you? How long have you been here? Did you bring a girl?”

“Can’t… breathe…” her vice grip had quickly cut off the supply of oxygen. She seemed happy, but maybe she was taking out her years of pent up rage on him in that moment. Did he leave the room a mess before he left?

Realizing that her son’s respiratory difficulties were directly because of her actions, Ikuko quickly released her grip of death, using her now freed hands to wipe away the tears of joy that were clearly streaming down her face, glittering under the pale sunlight. “I never thought you would…”

“Come home?” Tei grinned, his hand still over his throat. “I couldn’t stay away from my mother forever, now could I?”

“Eight years seemed like forever… you never even came home for Christmas.”

“I know… and I’m sorry… I should have done things differently, should have called more, wrote more… but I didn’t…”

“Well, you’re home now… and that’s what’s important.” She pinched his cheek, “Look at you… my little boy, all grown up… but, really, you should do something with your hair… did you lose the comb I gave you?”


“Is that hairstyle popular in Australia?”

“I’m used to getting my hair wet… so styling it seems pretty pointless after awhile…”

“You must be hungry… come inside. I would have made something special for you if I had known you were coming…” she held the door open and watched him walk by, the tears continuing once more. “My son…”
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Ami smiled to Mamoru and the Others " well now that everyone is here, we should go?" Ami said realizing that Makoto was not there " has anyone seen Makoto?" she asked looking back towards the School.


Michiru stop walking and stared at three boys talking " Ruka is that who i think it is?" Michiru asked confused.

Haruka listened to Michiru and looked at the three man " maybe lets not say anything and just walk right by and if they stop us then ok, but if they do then we will talk" Haruka said starting to walk with Michiri again " come Michi we are going to be late" Haruka said as the two started to walk past Seiya, Taiki, and Yaten.

Michiru giggled " Haruka Usagi will be late you know that" Michiru said giggling again.