March 9th, 2005


Time to start the RP

Here is how it's going to start off.

It will be the afternoon, with the Inners just getting out of school.

The Galactic warriors have taken up residence in a large apartment with Chibi Chibi. They're new mission is to keep her safe until Selena decides to show herself. Until that time, they have decided to go to school, claiming to be exchange students from America.

Pluto is taking ChibiUsa with her to inform the Outers of what is happening in the future.

The Starlights, I'll leave that up to you guys. ^~

Queen Selena, Galaxia and the Four Hunters have arrived on Earth and have claimed a cavern deep beneath the snow covered land of Antartica as their base.

Everyone else, just be creative with your posts and have fun. Let's start.
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First Meeting


She sat on a throne she had within the cavern, her eyes closed as she sensed the growing forces in Tokyo.

"The Galactic Warriors are already here...We can not let them interfere with our plans."

She opens her eyes and glances at Galaxia before turning her gaze to the empty cavern around her.

She stands beside the throne, watching Selena closely. When she spoke her eyes began to flash red with an anger and hatred she could not contain.

"The Galactic Warriors are not the only ones who would wish to oppose us. I have sensed the arrival of the Starlights as well. We must find Sailor Moon and the Light of Hope before they do."
She walked past the gates that led to the T*A Private Girls School. She stepped aside to let the other students pass as she waited for her sister. Turning her gaze away from the school she instead looks up at the sky, a soft sigh escaping her lips. She had to wonder if it was a good idea to leave Chibi Chibi alone in the apartment. Who would protect her while they were in school? She slowly shakes her head and leans against a nearby wall, deciding to read one of the books she held as she waited.
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Burning Heart/SM

~Sailor Pluto~

Rather silently, Sailor Pluto; the guardian of time, walked towards the time gate, holding the hand of Chibi-Usa. For a split second, she did not catch the young child’s words of question, therefore, it took her a moment to process it and clearly reply with an appropriate answer.


Her maroon colored orbs gazed down upon her as they shown with very little amount of happiness, as if she was trying to cheer the little princess up. A small smile played on her soft lips, “Don’t worry about the Queen and King, little one. They will be fine.” She tried to reassure her.


The grip around her time staff tightened slightly. In all due honest respect, she did not know if the Queen and King would be alright. All they could do at the moment was hope that they would be. She knew, however, that the source of the problem was not from this current time, but that of the past.


“We’re going to go back to present day Tokyo, little one.” She informed. “To make sure everything is alright.”


When she looked away from the Princess, her smile faded. She had to get to Michiru and Haruka quickly to explain what was happening. Something very evil was afoot and they had to get to the bottom of it.


(OoC: Would Pluto understand exactly what’s going on or just bits and pieces of it?)

(no subject)

Mamoru waited out side the school that Usagi and friends went too. he wanted to take Usagi and the girls on a pinic so it can be a day of fun. " I hope they like the surpise" Mamoru said to him self as he watched the people start exiting the school.

He smiled when he saw Ami, Makoto walking towards him " Hey girls where is Usagi and Minako and Rei? I have a surpise for you all" Mamoru said looking for Usagi and the others.
Chibi Usa

(no subject)

Chibi Usa

Princess Small Lady Serenity held on to Sailor Pluto's hand " Will Momma and Papa be ok? and where are we going Puu?" Small Lady asked scared to leave her home, she knew that there was an evil but didn't know all the details like Sailor Pluto did.

In her other Hand Small Lady held on to Diana tightly so she would not lose her kitten " are you ok Diana?" Small Lady asked looking down at her Kitten.

Seiya and Yaten

Seiya looked around at the Planet earth " where do we started?" he asked his brothers, as they walked into a park near by, he sat on the bench and started to think out loud, " Maybe we should go to Usagi and her Friends first?" " Or find a pplace to stay?" he asked again to himself and his Brothers

Yaten looked at Seiya " Maybe we should do both? What do you think Taiki?" Yaten asked leaning on the fence behind Seiya.



Adella walked out of her bed room, and into the kitchen to found something to eat, " Is there anything in this place that I can eat" she said to no one really just to herself out loud. she forgot about food for a while and walked to Chibi Chibi's room to see if the girl was awake " Chibi Chibi?" she asked walking into the room. Adella had just started to really care about the little one, and was glab that Chibi Chibi was around.

Waiying for an Answer, she decided to it in the rocking chair and silenty watch over the little girl.

Occ: I hope this was ok, i rally just guess stuff to write, if i'm wrong please tell me and i'll change it

sorry so short it will be better once i get a good handle on these characters


Dracon watched his Queen from a far, he did not want to interfer with anything so he stay out of sight until she needed him. he stay silented and waited to see to was to come..



Zacron walked behind Dracon and started to say something and watched to Queen and the others in the room talk, he didn't want to get much closer either not until he was called on.

(no subject)

Chibi Chibi
The long journey through space had taken it's toll on her. Yet not even could she find peace in her sleep. Memories of a battle long since over and a sweet girl with blonde pigtails haunted her dreams. She didn't understand this dream or know the people in it. Yet a part of her seemed to be telling her that she had once tried to help them. The dream was interrupted and she stirred slightly on the bed as she heard someone saying her name. She slowly opens her eyes and sits up, gently rubbing her eyes. She looks around the room and smiles as she sees Adella sitting on the rocking chair nearby. She hops down from the bed and runs over to her, jumping up onto her lap.

She makes her way out of the school and she couldn't help but smile when she saw Rinotia waiting for her. She walks over to her and takes the book from her hands.

"You'll have plenty of time to read later. We should head back to the apartment to check on Chibi Chibi."
She cringed slightly as she heard her mother calling for her. She had a pretty good idea on what was about to be said and she was not looking forward to it. She slowly approaches the throne and bows before Selena.

"Yes, my Queen?"
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Bad Day

(no subject)

She fixes her gaze on Zephron and narrows her eyes slightly. She had yet to understand why the darkness hadn't fully corrupted her yet. This may very well be a problem in the future but for now she could still use her as a puppet.

"Your new mission is to lead the other Four Hunters to Tokyo and find this Light of Hope as well as the five traitors. Hunt them down by any means neccessary and kill them. Even if you have to kill every living being in Tokyo to do so. Now go."
She looks at Irius and chuckles softly, taking her book back. She tucks a strand of her hair behind her ear and slowly looks around.

"I was just thinking that. Perhaps we should have assigned someone to stay at home."

She shrugs slightly and pushes herself away from the wall. She tucks her book into her schoolbag and starts walking down the street towards their apartment. She knew Chibi Chibi would be safe with them for the time being but she also knew the time would come when they would have to trust someone else to keep her hidden. It was only a matter of time before the Four Hunters found them and it would be better if the small girl wasn't with them when they did. Yet could there really be anyone trustworthy enough to protect her on this planet?
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(no subject)

OOC: Before we get started, I just have a question. It's probably stupid- I know Minako used to live in England, but is she actually supposed to be European or is she Japanese and her parents just moved to England for a while?


Mischalla sat with her legs crossed, drumming her fingernails on the arm of her chair and glaring at Zeprhon with malicious intent. She could hear the simpering note of fear in her sister's voice, and it disgusted her. She couldn't believe that this was the girl who was supposed to lead them against the Galactic Warriors in search of the Light of Hope. It was only a matter of time, she thought, until she could kill that little weakling and take her righful place as leader. All she had to do was wait for the right moment....
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Minako hung around for a minute after class, waiting for the new red-haired exchange student. According to Sensei, the new girl's name was Katrina and she came from the United States. Having recently moved back to Japan after nearly a lifetime in England herself, she thought that this new girl might be having trouble adjusting to life so far from home. When Minako saw her pack her bag and head towards the door, she walked over and introduced herself.

"Hi, my name is Aino Minako. Pleased to meet you."

She offered her hand, and the girl took it with a look of mild annoyance. "Katrina Hart," she replied tersely.

"I know you're new here, and if you would like someone to show you around, I'd be more than happy to."

"That's okay, really...."

"Well at least walk with me for a little while."

Katrina sighed, but eventually agreed. While they walked out of the school, Minako talked her ear off, telling her about all the best places to go shopping and the nearby arcades. They hadn't been walking for long when she spotted Ami, Makoto, Rei, and Mamoru standing under a nearby tree. She grabbed Katrina's hand and headed over towards them.

"Hi guys! This is Katrina, she just moved to Japan from America! Katrina, this is Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Mamoru. What are you all standing around for?"

Mamoru explained that he wanted to take them out on a picnic, and Minako's eyes lit up. Regardless of the fact that it wasn't her outing and she had no right to invite the newcomer, she turned to Katrina.

"Why don't you come along?"


Katrina hadn't really been interested in making new friends, but this girl seemed really nice, and it sounded like she new about all the good places to go. And she could always use an excuse to get out of the house and away from Irius. Besides, that Mamoru guy was pretty cute. All in all, she decided that a picnic sounded like a great idea.

"Thanks," she said, and smiled her most charming smile. "I'd love to."
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Nono /♥/ Cloudy with a chance of CUTENES

Usaaaagi <3

// usagi //

Usagi's whining could be heard from down the hallway. She was not even phased by who could be listening to her big mouth run off. She just let her mouth roll.

"But..but, but teacher!! I can't stay after for detention!! I have plans! Big plans! That includes a nap, stopping by the arcade, feeding my cat, picking up my brother from school and....and..." her eyes quickly searched the room for answer. "HOMEWORK! Yes! Loads and loads of homework!! I know I may have botched up the last test... or 3, but this time its VERY important to me to do well! I have umm, study group today!"

Her teacher replied sternly.
"Now Miss Tsukino, we know that that is very untrue statement. Now please stop your whinning and go take your seat along with Branford. You both are stuck in detention for misbehavior in class."

Usagi sighed and she slumped back to her seat. She wasn't even aware that her friends and boyfriend were outside waiting for her.

"I hate being stuck in this daily prison" she thought to herself as she layed her head on her arms sprawlled out across her desk. She kick out her feet and got comfortable. She stared up at the clock... "1 hour and 22 mins and counting" She pouted to herself.

// sylvia //

Sylvia grumbled to herself after her teacher explained why they both were stuck in this "hell-hole". "Pssssh" She thought to herself. I didn't come to this planet to waste time. She rolled her eyes as rested her delicate chin on her soft hands. "This totally sucks, I should be getting ready for the clubs tonight..." She frowned as she glanced through the window's glass out into the courtyard of the school.

"Please excuse me ladies, but I have to make a phone call to my wife." The teacher excused himself from the room politly. "You can start writing on 3 sheets of notebook paper "I will not be late for class." That appilies to the both of you." And he left the two strangers alone in the class room.

"Baaaah. Screw this~ I am out of here" Sylvia said as she pulled her chair out from underneith here.

This surprised Usagi.

// usagi //

"What are you doing? you can't just leave detention." She said with a nervous smile. "I know you are new here and all but its a school policy."

Sylvia replied back~ " Loosen up a little. Why should we be stuck in here until after 4 pm? Do you or do you not agree that that just plain sucks"

Usagi nodded in agreement. There was no way should could argue such a valid point.... besides whats the worst that could happen if they got caught? "Hrrrumm, humm wellllll~"

"Hey dude, it's totally your call." Sylvia said and she packed up her things. "By the way, I am Sylvia. Nice to meet you miss..."

"Miss Usagi! Urrrm, well just call me Usagi." She smiled. She was always more than happy to make new friends.

The two gathered their stuff quickly as the bolted for the front door.

"So I will see you tommorrow in school, Sylvia?" Usagi mention before the parted ways.

"That is if I bother coming~" she laughed it off.

Usagi giggled at her comment and waved good bye. With that Usagi quickly ran down the stairs to be greated by her friends and Mamoru which totally took her off gaurd.

"What are you guys all waiting for me for?" She was extremly happy to see Mamoru. Like a magnet, she attched herself to his right arm. "Mamo-chan, what are you doing over here?" she said with a huge smile and her eyes met with his. She was indeed very happy she desided to ditch her after school detention. She wouldn't let her friends know though for fear of them thinking lowly on her poor decision making.