VL (vagabondalingua) wrote in sailormoondream,

~Sailor Pluto~

Pluto came to a stop in front of the gates of time. Rather quickly, her eyes narrowed as she bit her bottom lip while thoughts floated about in her head. Who was going to watch the gates if she went with Chibi-Usa? Surly she couldn’t allow the Princess to wander around in the past unattended. That just didn’t seem responsible at all. She had to make sure that she would be safe and under the watch of Usagi and the others.


She gazed down towards the girl and flashed a quick smile. “Just through the gates and we will reach or destination.” The time guardian informed.


Yes, her mind was made up. She would go back with Chibi-Usa and return to the gates for when she wasn’t needed until they could find a suitable part-time replacement.

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