Leshia Scythe (hatefulmoon) wrote in sailormoondream,
Leshia Scythe

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She smiled as she watched Irius with Chibi Chibi. It was rare for her to see Irius show affection to anyone other then herself. She watches Chibi Chibi, still amazed at the fact that she had taken on that form during their trip through space. Taking a seat next to Adella on the couch she pulls out a book from her bag and begins reading.

"Knowing Sylvia she might have found a club or clothing store on her way home. Katrina..."

She stopped herself from saying anything further. She knew how Irius felt about Katrina and it was quite obvious what could have happened to keep her from coming to the apartment. Not once did she look up from the book, even as she started to speak again.

"What's our next move? We brought Chibi Chibi here safely but it's only a matter of time before Selena and Galaxia find us."
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